The Hacking Dojo
Live Professional Pentest Training for Novices and Experts

Many hacking classes provide a rapid amount of information to students, and then send them off to continue their education on their own; there is no real concern about how the students are doing after the course has finished, or how much of the course material is retained. The Hacking Dojo breaks this trend by offering a unique method of learning. At the Hacking Dojo, we teach students how to perform professional penetration tests through the following educational techniques: video training, live (online) student mentoring, and access to an online hacking lab.

Welcome to the Hacking Dojo!

The Hacking Dojo provides students with a long-term training and support system, with readily-available access to instructors. Students learn pentest techniques through hours of videos, and then attend regularly-scheduled online mentoring sessions with their instructor, who will help hone the newly learned skills of the student. When the students demonstrate proficiency in a set of skills, they are moved onto more difficult challenges and instruction.

Benefits of the Hacking Dojo instruction method:

This course is unique, and unlike any other courses available on the market. Rather than deliver new students a sterile learning environment (consisting of PDFs, videos, and slides with no human interaction), we have designed a way of teaching students how to be professional penetration testers by giving them the following opportunities:

  • Access to training material, with over 25 hours of combined video tutorials on hacking... geared towards each student's personal skill level
  • Access to live, online mentoring sessions with the class instructor
  • 24/7, access to an online hacking lab, designed to emulate real-world networks
  • Access to special tools and tutorials

We require all of our instructors to be currently employed as professional penetration testers; rather than providing students with theory, we provide them the knowledge on how to perform real-world internal, external and wireless penetration tests for fortune 500 companies. With a combined security experience counting in decades, our instructors are able to pass on their tips and knowledge to a new generation of professionals.

Monthly Subscription is returning to its monthly subscription option for new subscribers! Students who sign up for the monthly subscription start off with access to the Mukyu (Novice) course; once a student is ready to move onto the next level, students will need to take an exam and and be granted access to the next course once the exam is successfully completed. There are no fees for taking tests, and students can take the tests whenever they feel ready (there's no minimum wait time). Students enrolled in the monthly subscription can progress through all courses (1R-5D) provided by the Hacking Dojo.

Monthly subscription for access is $99 a month.

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Lifetime Training

Prefer to pay for your training all at once and have lifetime access to all the material and updates? Use the signup below to obtain membership in the Hacking Dojo, which starts off with access to the Mukyu (Novice) course. Once completed, Lifetime Training students can progressively train up to the Shodan (1D), Nidan (2D), Sandan (3D), and Yondan (4D) courses (students will still need to pass each level exam(s) before gaining access to the material in the next level). This membership includes lifetime access to the student instructional material and lifetime access to the online hacking lab. Access to the mentoring sessions is included for a minimum of two years.

Price for lifetime access to all four courses is $1600.
This course is currently discounted by 50% for a limited time only - course price is now $800.

Pay with Bitcoin and receive a 20% discount!
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