Online Lab

The Hacking Dojo has an online pentest lab designed specifically for our students, in order to expose them to numerous platforms typically encountered in real-world penetration tests. Access to the lab is included as part of membership to the Hacking Dojo – there are NO hours to buy.

All students have access to all exploitable systems in the Hacking Dojo lab (seen in the image below), but certain systems have been identified as appropriate for each skill level:

  • Shodan (1D) – Foundation
    • Microsoft Windows Systems
    • Linux Systems
  • Nidan (2D) – Intermediate
    • Microsoft Windows Systems
    • Linux Systems
    • Routers
  • Sandan (3D) – Database / Web Hacking
    • Various Web Server Platforms
  • Yondan (4D) – Network Hacking
    • Routers
    • Switches
    • Wireless
    • Back-end Target Systems

All network hardware in the lab consists of Cisco appliances, and are intended to be attacked and modified by the students. New configurations are added frequently, so students can learn techniques specific to various network configurations and protocols.

There are no additional costs to students who want to use the Hacking Dojo online lab – access is granted upon signup, and continues until the student leaves the program.


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