Monthly Subscription

The Hacking Dojo offers two options for new students – a monthly recurring fee, or a set fee. Students who sign up for the monthly subscription start off with access to the Mukyu (Novice) and Foundational (Shodan) courses; once a student is ready to move onto the next level, students will need to take an exam and and be granted access to the next course once the exam is successfully completed. There are no fees for taking tests, and students can take the tests whenever they feel ready (there’s no minimum wait time). Students enrolled in the monthly subscription can progress through all courses (1R-5D) provided by the Hacking Dojo.

Monthly subscription for access is $99 a month.

Lifetime Training

Prefer to pay for your training all at once and have lifetime access to all the material and updates? Use the signup below to obtain membership in the Hacking Dojo, which starts off with access to the Mukyu (Novice) course. Once completed, Lifetime Training students can progressively train up to the Shodan (1D), Nidan (2D), Sandan (3D), and Yondan (4D) courses (students will still need to pass each level exam(s) before gaining access to the material in the next level). This membership includes lifetime access to the student instructional material and lifetime access to the online hacking lab. Access to the mentoring sessions is included for a minimum of two years.

Price for lifetime access to all four courses is $1600 $800 (We are currently running a 50% discount on the lifetime membership!)

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