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The staff at the Hacking Dojo are involved in more than just conducting training, and have written for multiple publications dedicated to the profession of professional penetration testing. In addition, we value the hacking community and have participated in multiple information security conferences in order to advance the profession, stimulate conversation, and increase the body of knowledge. Here is a sample of publications or presentations contributed by our staff.


Metasploit Toolkit for Penetration Testing, Exploit Development, and Vulnerability Research
Syngress Publishing – September 2007

Penetration Tester’s Open Source Toolkit, Volume 2
Syngress Publishing – October 2007

Netcat Power Tools
Syngress Publishing – July 2008

Professional Penetration Testing
Syngress Publishing – August 2009

Ninja Hacking: Unconventional Penetration Testing Tactics and Techniques
Syngress Publishing – September 2010

Professional Penetration Testing, 2nd Edition
Syngress Publishing – July 2013


Penetration Test LiveCDs
Hakin9 Magazine – 3/2008 issue

Penetration Test LiveCDs
Hakin9 Magazine – Best Of 2009

Hacking Trust Relationships
Hakin9 Magazine – 3/2010 issue

Hacking Trust Relationships, Part II
Hakin9 Magazine – 8/2010 issue


Weaponizing Apple’s iPod Touch, 5/8/2009

Hacking a Wireless Network with an iPod Touch, 17/8/2009

Q&A: Penetration testing, 23/8/2009

PaulDotCom Security Weekly – Episode 169, 25/9/2009

9 Coolest Hacks in 2009 (Listed as #4), 23/12/2009


Conference Presentation: Penetration Test LiveCDs
DefCon 15 – August 2007

Conference Presentation: Penetration Test LiveCDs
PhreakNIC 11 – October 2007

Conference Presentation: PenTest LiveCDs & PenTest Tool Tutorial LiveCDs
The Last H.O.P.E. – July 2008

Conference Presentation: Mobile Hacker Space
DefCon 16 – August 2008

Conference Presentation: Hacking WITH the iPod Touch
DefCon 17 – July 2009

Conference Presentation: Axis of Darkness – Hacking without Exploits
CSI2009 – October 2009

Conference Presentation: Staying Connected during a Revolution or Disaster
DefCon 19 – August 2011


Black Hat USA 2016 – Secure Penetration Testing Operations: Demonstrated Weakness in Learning material and Tools

“A single resource addressed all of the [best security practice] questions, and did not present any technically insecure practices without also having some description of the risks inherent to those practices. […] In this specific case it is worth pointing out that Professional Penetration Testing, 2nd Edition, by Thomas Wilhelm is the work that managed to address each point.”
– Wesley McGrew, Ph.D. Director of Cyber Operations

The Ethical Hacker Network – Course Review: Hacking Dojo – Shodan Foundational Class

“The course material is great and very closely follows Tom’s book, “Professional Penetration Testing: Creating a Formal Hacking Lab.” The homework assignments for each week’s lesson are concise and easy, as long as the student understands the content within said lesson.”
– Dan Kennedy

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