Raspberry Pi Attack

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So for anyone who doesn’t know what a rasberry pi is the best way to describe it is a small computer around the size of an iPhone. It has a few usb ports,HDMI,Ethernet and power connection. The great thing about this device is the size meaning you could easily hide it away on a clients site.

The good news is the device just got a lot better, there is now a pwn pi and you guessed right, it’s a pen test drop box distro using the raspberry pi as the hardware.

The disto includes:

SET, Fasttrack, kismet, aircrack-ng, nmap, dsniff, netcat, nikto, xprobe, scapy, wireshark, tcpdump, ettercap, hping3, medusa, macchanger, nbtscan, john, ptunnel, p0f, ngrep, tcpflow, openvpn, iodine, httptunnel, cryptcat, sipsak, yersinia, smbclient, sslsniff, tcptraceroute, pbnj, netdiscover, netmask, udptunnel, dnstracer, sslscan, medusa, ipcalc, dnswalk, socat, onesixtyone, tinyproxy, dmitry, fcrackzip, ssldump, fping, ike-scan, gpsd, darkstat, swaks, arping, tcpreplay, sipcrack, proxychains, proxytunnel, siege, sqlmap, wapiti, skipfish, w3af

I think this is really cool just because of the size of the pi and now you have a mini backtrack on it, this makes it really feasible to leave on a clients site hidden away doing all sorts of cool and scary things.

You can download it from here Link to download

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