About the Staff

Thomas Wilhelm – Instructor

Publications of Thomas WilhelmFounder of the Hacking Dojo and the De -ICE pentest liveCD project, Thomas Wilhelm has been an associate professor at an NSACAE university, who has taught information assurance for many years at both the masters and undergraduate level. He has been a penetration tester and project manager of a pentest team for fortune 100 companies, and spent the last 20+ years involved in information security.

Thomas has written and authored numerous articles and books over the years on hacking; the latest is titled “Ninja Hacking,” published by Syngress. He has also written another very successful book titled “Professional Penetration Testing,” which successfully propelled thousands of people towards a career in pentesting. Thomas holds two masters degrees (MSCS, MSM) and maintains the following certifications: ISSMP, CISSP, SCSECA, SCNA, SCSA, IEM, IAM

Philip Pieterse – Instructor

Philip has worked in the security field as both a network and security professional, and currently is employed by a global organization, performing network penetration tests. Philip has over 13 years of experience in the IT security field, and holds various certifications within the areas of Cisco, Linux, UNIX, and Microsoft.

Jamie Rougvie – Author

Jamie is a member of the BCS and OWASP, and has a degree in Information Technology. Holding the OSWP certification, Jamie is a network penetration tester, and is also a student of the Hacking Dojo.

Joseph Barcia – Administrator

Joseph is an IT Security Systems Administrator, who is responsible for system and networks within the Dojo, whose interests include penetration testing, incident response, and computer forensic analysis. Joseph holds a Masters degree in security.